Great visit today. They followed up on areas that needed "watching" (crowns that will eventually need replacing) and determined that I didn't need to schedule any replacements at this time. I always appreciate a more conservative approach as I have had providers in the past that have "strongly recommended" extra dental work almost every time that I had a regular cleaning appointment.

L Grace

I've been seeing Dr. Bill for over 10 years. He is fantastic, and Jeanette at the front desk has always treated me like family. The hygienists are also great. I am very happy with the service here & have referred several friends and clients to them over the years.

Lisa C.

For 28 years my wife and I are in Dr.Schneider's dental service. We have started with Dr. William Schneider's father and then continued with Dr. William. We always have been receiving an excellent service from Dr.Schneider and his staff. Work quality is great. I recommend Dr. Schneider 's services to anyone who needs dental work done.

Alex A.

My children & I have been seeing Dr. Schneider for 22 years and we love the friendly staff and Dr. Schneider's straight-forward manner. He is gentle and calming. For many years I had fear of dental procedures due to some bad experiences with a dentist. I can truly say I have no anxiety visiting Dr Schneider.

Corrienne H.

I've been a patient for over 7 years, great service over the years and convenient location in Walnut Creek. Dr. Schneider and his team are phenomenal. Highly recommend.

Victor D.

Bill and his staff are genuinely awesome people. I had been neglecting my dental care for years and when I finally booked an appointment at their office. Since then, they've taken great care of me and gotten me back on the road to healthy teeth & gums! The experience is always a pleasure, which is an odd phrase to read about a Dental office I'm sure. But if there's any question about which Dentist you should visit in the Walnut Creek/Lamorina area, it's Bill Schneider.

Nick B.

Dr. Schneider does a great job, and I'd highly recommend.

Matthew C.

Been going to see Dr. Schneider for more years than I care to mention. Great staff and wonderful dentist. Highly recommended!

Richard P.

I love the people at this office. The place is immaculately clean and is well-run; they always seem to be running on time or ahead of schedule. Dr. Schneider is professional and friendly. I love these guys and would definitely recommend.

Nancy O.

Excellent as always.


I have been going to Dr. Schneider's office for almost a decade. I came to his office after my original dentist retired. The entire office is truly top notch equipment, front desk, hygienists, other dentists and all the way to Dr. Schneider himself.

Its the great mix between a modern office with text alerts and emails for your appointments. But at the same time you get the individual attention you would expect from a long running old school practice .

I referred family members and they are just as happy!

Peter A.

I've been seeing Dr, Schneider and his office for many years. He and his staff are fantastic. The care is highly attentive, professional, and efficient.

Scott W.

I have been seeing Dr. Schneider for about 5 years. He is excellent and I have been extremely happy. The staff are caring and compassionate

Wouldn't think to go anywhere else!! Thank you Dr. Schneider!!!

Lynn L.

Dr. Schneider has always been a pleasure to see. I have never had anxiety about my dentist appointments because I know I am well cared for. The staff is always so friendly and know my name!!!!

Danielle A.

I've been coming to Dr. Schneider for more than 20 years and he will be my dentist for as long as I live in the area. With the number of choices in dentists in walnut creek, it's assuring to know that I have a competent, friendly, and caring Doctor that isn't always trying to hustle me. Can't recommend him high enough. Thanks Doc!

David L.

I cannot say enough good things about this dental office. My whole family went here starting around 2005 and we have all had wonderful experiences. Even after I moved to Santa Cruz for college, I kept coming back to Walnut Creek for dentist appointments because good dentists are hard to find. The entire staff is friendly and they take the time to listen and do what's best for each patient (not just what's profitable).

Jennifer T.

No-one likes going to the dentist but Dr Schneider and his team make it about as pleasant as it can get. He always makes us feel welcomed and spends the time to explain what's going on. He genuinely seems to care about my health and I never feel rushed.

Simon W.

After years of avoiding dentist visits and dreading teeth cleanings, I am very happy to have found Dr. Schneider's office. I have had a cap put in, teeth cleaning and cavity filled (on three separate occasions) and was pleasantly surprised each time.

The staff and Dentists are kind, efficient and I am very pleased with the results. And I get text reminders about the appointments, love that!

Megan S.